Professor Hayes


Guidelines for Earning Extra Credit


You may earn extra credit in a number of ways. You can see a film, attend an exhibition, see a play, read a book or article, anything that has to do with any of the issues that we will study this semester. To receive extra-credit, write a 1-2 page analysis of the film/event/exhibition/book showing me:


1)   how the subject of the film/event/book relates to what we are reading/studying/discussing in class; AND


2)   what you learned through the experience, or how it contradicts, deepens, or contributes to your understanding of the subject.


Your analysis MUST specifically relate the subject matter to the concerns, themes or readings of this course. If it does not, I will not accept it as extra-credit.


Each extra credit project will earn you 5 points, added to your FINAL grade (which is calculated on a 1000 point basis). 


NOTE: you cannot raise your grade more than a half grade using extra credit—that is, you cannot go from a B to an A on extra credit alone, no matter how may extra credit projects you turn in.